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The shorthorn bar and grill is a unique saloon-type establishment that is great for groups, families, and casual dining. They like you to think of it as your second home. Here, you'll get great down-home food; and you'll be served by friendly staff while you enjoy this pure small-town delight.

There's a lot to choose from at this rustic little diner. They serve mouth-watering bbq, fresh seafood, hearty soups, and so much more. One of their most popular items on the menu is their signature potato grenade. When you dig into one of the potato grenades, you'll be biting into a blast of flavor! Everything here is homemade. That means their delicious soups are always made from scratch. Another popular item on the menu is the cheeseburger and shoestring french fries. It's made with a quarter-pound beef patty grilled to perfection with gooey melted cheese and a grilled bun to give it the perfect texture. Make sure you come hungry because the portions are very generous for the value. You definitely won't be leaving hungry.

While you're waiting for your meal, why not pull up a seat at the bar and find a delicious drink to go with your meal? They have all sorts of great beers and liquors. Their bar looks like something straight out of the wild west with the traditional bar back with a mirror and beautiful woodwork.

But that's not all. You can't leave without dessert, can you? They have a lot of great options for tasty treats to finish off the perfect meal. One of the local favorites is the Huckleberry shake. This sweet little snack will satisfy any sweet tooth. They also have an assortment of pastries and other options. So, if you've got an empty stomach and you're looking for your second home, You find it at Short Horn Bar and Grill in Richland, OR.

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